The Diamond Math Book

Diamond Math Book

This is the most accurate, organized, and largest collection of Diamond Cut/Shape size to weight ratio charts ever published. All you need to do is measure the diamond, look up that shape and compare it to the appropriate chart.

Diamonds have a specific gravity (density) of 3.515 grams per cubic centimeter or 17.575 carats per cubic centimeter. The term Diamond Math is about the ratio relationship of a given diamond’s volume to weight. The calculations of Diamond Math are extremely useful in order to determine the approximate weight of mounted cut and polished diamonds. Gemologically this ratio plays an important role in Diamond Identification. Diamond Math is essential (absolutely not optional) in determining the production value of gem quality Diamond Rough as well as many grades of Rough Industrial Diamonds. The trained, well versed professional tradesman uses Diamond Math in all environments, whether it is a city office or in the field at a mining operation.

The ultimate travel (5.75″ X 3.25″ or 14.6 cm X 8.25 cm, weight = 415 grams) reference guide (530+ pages) to the specific gravity, weight, measurement and ratio of Diamonds, including detailed charts, formulas, diagrams and essential data for the Diamond Trade. Hardcover with slipcase. “The Diamond Math Book” is the encyclopedic reference to Diamond carat-weight & measurement ratios.

Endorsed by the New York Diamond Dealers Club.